Fawcett Chief Executive Sam Smethers responds to today's (22nd September 2020) response by the Government to the Gender Recognition Act consultation. 

“The Government's moves to reduce the cost and complexity of the transition process are a welcome step forward. But today’s announcement will leave many trans people feeling short-changed. This is a missed opportunity to better support trans people by de-medicalising the process."

"We welcome the Government's recognition of the need to maintain existing Equality Act exemptions for single sex spaces. This is in line with Fawcett's response to the consultation. As a next step government must bring forward renewed guidance so that service providers can be clear on how they can operate within the law.

"We recognise the importance of maintaining sex as a protected characteristic, while also adopting an inclusive starting point for trans and non-binary people. We remain of the view that it is possible to progress and recognise both trans rights and defend the rights of all women, including women who are trans.

"It is time to move this debate forward and to bring people together. On issues from funding for domestic abuse and rape crisis services, to access to health care, feminists and trans equality campaigners have shared goals."

You can read Fawcett's Q&A on Sex, Gender and Identity here and read our Chief Executive's blog here.