Get ready to amplify your voice and make a difference this election! We’ve developed tools to help you campaign for women’s rights. Whether you’re rallying in your community or online, we’ve got you covered.

Follow the links below to download your materials and make your voice heard loud and clear!

Campaigning Poster

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Facebook Post - Graphic

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Accompany your social graphic with the following message:

…free, universal childcare, workplaces that work for women, and equal representation.

Women are more than half of the electorate, and our voices matter. We need free, universal childcare now. We deserve workplaces that offer true flexibility and are free from harassment and racism. We must see women represented at every level of government.

Join me in supporting Fawcett’s mission. Let’s ensure all candidates commit to zero tolerance for misogyny and discrimination. Let’s push for a Parliament that brings us closer to true equality.

Together, we can make this election count for women.

#WomenWinElections #SheVotes24