I'm back hitting (or rather, running) the roads of London this spring! And this time, I will run for the Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights.

The Fawcett Society does amazing work to help tackle the inequalities that still affect women and strives to create a society in which everyone is able to reach their objectives and dreams, regardless of their gender.

Each and every penny donated will help to fund their research and projects. So if you are looking for a good New Year's Resolution for 2019, please join me in supporting their work. Every little helps!

I'll be doing all of the hard work for you by running a half marathon in March AND a marathon in May. My knees may suffer, but it is undeniably for a great cause!

Thank you! I'll see you at the finish line!

Lots of love,


Morgane Fouche