For a long time, I've supported and encouraged and championed for equal rights for everybody and have recently felt that I needed a more concerted effort to support the friends, colleagues, and women of society. Due to a combination of a discussion with a friend of mine about the issues, and my own reading and research into some equality issues, I decided to join and raise money for the Fawcett society. There is so much going on right now, and I hope that my little part of the process, both in supporting and fundraising, will help in some way.

In order to raise the money as part of the centenary celebrations, my main focus will be on designing, sewing, and ultimately auctioning quilts that highlight and promote some of the causes and goals of the society. This will hopefully enable me to raise the money for my own goals. Even better, through the quilts and promotion of the images and information they portray, raise awareness and provide information to the cause.

I've created a Facebook group if you want to follow the progress: Martin Brown