Sophie Ablett and Grace Strickland de Souza are theatre-makers, from collective Klein Blue, whose show 'Are There Female Gorillas?' explores female body hair and the societal taboo around it that still persists.

They are fundraising for the next staging of the piece and part of their strategy has been to produce some merchandise -- they recently collaborated with illustrator Ella Strickland de Souza to produce an original Girl/Gorilla sketch tote bag. Sophie and Grace are keen to fight the feminist fight through their theatre and through whatever they can give to charity, so are donating 50p from each bag sold to The Fawcett Society.

'Are There Female Gorillas?' will be reprised at the feminist theatre festival Calm Down, Dear Festival at Camden People’s Theatre, Spring 2019.

Online sales of the bags will begin soon, or get in touch with Klein Blue collective to find out more.
( Sophie Ablett