My name is Freya Ashworth and I am fourteen. I became interested in gender equality when doing an independent history project on the Suffrage Movement last year. While doing this I realised that although we have come far, we still have some distance to go. As part of the younger generation, I want to ensure that my future will not be disadvantaged because of my gender. I believe this is a very important issue that should be shared and I hope to encourage others in joining me through this year. I am very excited about this and I hope that I have your support!

I am Freya's Mum, Ruth Ashworth. I am proud to support Freya in her fundraising this year for the Fawcett Society. I, of course, will be guiding Freya along the way and encouraging more of our young women and men to mark this special occasion. I believe that this is not just a one-year event, but an ongoing journey throughout our lives until our goal of equality is achieved. As a Mum to both a girl and boy, I believe that we should educate all genders in what is a basic human right!

Freya Ashworth