In June 2016, my youngest daughter became eligible to vote for the first time. We went as a family to vote in the referendum - on the day when the UK voted to decide whether to leave or remain in the European Union. (We all voted STAY) We felt both the significance of the event and the long term implications of the question we were responding to that day. We also talked about the battles and sacrifices other women had made nearly 100 years ago in order to make the right to vote possible for us today. We owe them so much and intend to do our bit as a family to continue to support the campaign as it moves forward for the next 100 years. I hope we can be as brave.

We’re working together as a family unit fundraising for the Fawcett Society through a series of events / lunches / bakeoffs and lunchtime seminars. Thank you for your donation!

Nicki Seignot