I support equality, I support feminism as a movement and I believe it provides much needed systematic analysis of society, whether you agree with an individual feminist's conclusions or not. Of course, extreme views exist in any social reform movement, but the overall achievements and positive influence of the movement on society over the last 160 years cannot be overstated. It was (and is) critical to improving civil rights, the LGBT movement, overall the right express who you are and to work to your passions.

I grew up in Eastern Europe in a society in which I didn't fit. It felt like a culture quite heavy on aggression. There was distinct pressure to do and be certain things as a guy, and I had a distinct aversion to a lot of them. I came to the UK to study at university when I was 18. The Internet, friends and my local environment put me in touch with people who thought critically about culture, social structure and expectations, people who had learned a lot from the feminist movement. To this day this provides an interesting, empowering platform to analyse my own life, feelings, aversions, negative emotions and so on.

My next stage in running is 10km. Similarly to running, the sort of work the Fawcett Society does takes dedication and a long time to see results. So please, join me in both: support me in the 10km run and donate to the Society. It has campaigned for women's rights since the 19th century and continues to contribute to important, deep discussions on how we can improve our society and lives.

Emanuil Tolev