In 2018, 100 years since the first UK women earned the right to their first vote and 90 years since universal suffrage, it is still all too often, the flaws, rather than the achievements of women that are focussed on.

On a whim, on January 8th 2018, I decided I would encourage my "Social Media Bubble" to celebrate women. I pledged to post, on a daily basis, an image of a woman who inspires me and I started with… well… you’ll find out soon enough. Every day since, I have done the same. My Social Media circle have contributed, by offering encouragement, or by suggesting heroes of their own. It has been a team effort.

So join me on a daily journey to celebrate some wonderful women and remind ourselves that they achieved every bit as much as their male counterparts - but backwards and in high heels.

Deborah X

Deborah Wastell