31 JANUARY 2017

In this briefing you will find: 

  • An analysis of Harriet Harman MP’s Article 50 Bill Amendment including the details of the Fawcett Society’s concerns and their recommendations 
  • This amendment states that before issuing any notification under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union the Prime Minister shall give an undertaking to have regard to the public interest during negotiations in maintaining employment rights, ensuring EU co-operation to end violence against women and girls, continuing to recognise restraining orders placed on abusive partners either in the UK or the EU and establishing a cross-departmental working group to assess and make recommendations for developing legislation on equality and access to justice 
  • Concerns including the government’s use of any Henry VIII’s clauses in equality and employment rights legislation and the exploitation of any gaps in existing discrimination legislation and access to justice 

Link to the report: Fawcett Society Briefing on Harriet Harman MP’s Article 50 Bill Amendment