Demonstrate your company’s commitment to gender equality and highlight your values of diversity, equity and inclusion by becoming a proud supporter of the Fawcett Equality Network. 

Currently, women earn on average 11% less than men; only 8% of FTSE 100 CEOS are women and 75% of women of colour suffer racism at work. This needs to change. By becoming a supporter of the Fawcett Equality Network, you will be walking alongside Fawcett and our collective of corporates in the campaign for women’s rights and publicly showcasing your support for gender equality.

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All supporters of the Fawcett Equality Network have access to a full suite of benefits:

  • The tools you need to make real change for women in your office, with our Fawcett Equality Network employer toolkit
  • Hear directly from our expert staff team with one free Fawcett speaker appearance per year, and discounts on subsequent speaker fees.
  • Receive monthly newsletters full of feminist content, including pertinent news stories, commentary on relevant issues, and updates on Fawcett’s progress.
  • Receive invites to and bulk discounts for Fawcett’s sector leading events, including our annual conference.
  • Use of the Fawcett Equality Network logo for your communications, and we will feature your logo on our website.
  • Support from our experienced fundraising team for any staff fundraising your company wishes to undertake.

Tatty Devine prides itself as being a female led, feminist brand and the Fawcett Society was top of our list of charities that we could support to make real change. Together we are smashing stereotypes, fighting for equal pay and campaigning for more representation of women, in all our diversity and in politics at every level. This not only inspires our team but also our customers and wider community. Rosie Wolfenden MBE, Managing Director and Co-Founder Tatty Devine

How it works:

  • Click here to fill in our short form with information about you, your company and why you want to join the Fawcett Equality Network
  • The Fawcett team undertake standard due diligence on your organisation
  • Once due diligence is complete, you sign our Fawcett Equality Network T&Cs and Code of Conduct
  • Once signed, the Fawcett team will be in touch with an invoice for payment
  • When the funds have been received, you will start receiving all the fabulous feminist benefits!

You could access all of these impactful benefits for your company and your staff team for just a small annual fee. Annual fees vary depending on company size:

  • Micro: £1k
  • Small: £1.5k
  • Medium: £3k
  • Large: £4k

As the trailblazers of gender equality, we were delighted to partner with the Fawcett Society as we set out to close the ‘gender spray gap’ and promote equality at home. The work carried out by Fawcett Society to help shape the debate and drive change for a stronger, happier and better future for us all is something we’re immensely proud to support. method spokesperson, 2022.

Our current Fawcett Equality Network includes:

Enquire about joining the Fawcett Equality Network now

Becoming a supporter of the Fawcett Equality Network does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of companies or their products by the Fawcett Society.