You’ve heard about the gender pay gap, but what about the gender financial security gap? Why do women have more personal debt than men, own fewer homes and face more financial risk over the course of their lives? How do issues like domestic violence, benefits cuts and low wages disproportionately affect women, and what should every woman know about money?

This will be a panel discussion about the following questions, with a chaired Q&A with questions from the floor as well.

- What are the risks that women face throughout their lives? Are some women more at risk than others?

- What are the social, cultural and structural reasons for the risks that women face throughout their lives?

- What more can women do to protect themselves from those risks?

- What more can the financial services industry do to respond?


Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society


Sarah Pennells, Savvy Woman - SavvyWoman is a money website aimed at helping women everywhere become a little richer. Sarah Pennells is a well-known personal finance journalist and broadcaster

Julie Jaye Charles - Chief Executive and founder of EQUALITIES National Council of Disabled People and Carers from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities

Vanessa Raimundo and Jennifer Allerton - Young Women's Trust

Jane Portas - Partner at PwC, and Co-Founder of Insuring Women’s Futures and leading the Women’s Risks in Life work

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