Thank you for joining the Fawcett Society's virtual panel discussion and Q&A discussing the impact of online misogyny on young people. We explored why misogynistic celebrities like Andrew Tate are so appealing to and have so much influence on boys and young men. Online misogyny presents parents and caregivers with many challenges that have never been faced by previous generations, from internet safety to the normalisation of misogynistic views. Through this discussion, we looked at how parents can support their children to safely navigate online spaces and reduce the impact of online misogyny. 

This was the first event from the new Fawcett Society campaign 'Equal Play', sponsored by Wates Group, supporting parents and caregivers with empowering resources and practical advice to challenge gender stereotypes with their own kids. Be the first to hear more from Equal Play by signing up here 

If you’re worried about how to protect the children in your life from online misogyny, rewatch this online event now. Hear from fellow parents facing the same problems and experts fighting to make digital spaces safe. Learn what you can do to protect your children from harm. Watch our panellists reflect on society’s toxic masculine ‘ideals’, and consider how to support the boys and young men targeted by misogynistic influencers.

This panel discussion was chaired by the Fawcett Society’s CEO Jemima Olchawski. Jemima was joined by writer, presenter and activist Natasha Devon MBE, who campaigns both on and offline to raise awareness of issues surrounding gender and equality. Panellists also included speaker, author and social changemaker Elliott Rae, who specialises in improving men’s mental health and engaging men in conversations around gender equality. The End Violence Against Women Coalition’s Janaya Walker, who is currently campaigning to strengthen the Online Safety Bill to better tackle violence against women and girls, was also be a panellist.

This online event was held on Friday 31 March on zoom, from 12pm-1pm. 

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