This briefing sets out the main concerns of the #FaceHerFuture campaign, representing 20 women’s and equalities organisations, relating to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Second Reading on September 7th and 11th. 

In the briefing you will find:

  • A focus on protecting existing employment rights that are particularly important for women, existing equality and human rights legislation, and existing co-operative mechanisms with regards to tackling VAWG, as well as ensuring that the UK keeps pace with the EU on women’s rights
  • A number of questions we want to see answered by Ministers during the second reading and which we are seeking to address via amendments at Committee stage
  • Our concerns related to the importance of women’s representation during the negotiation process and the importance of ensuring that issues affecting women and girls are included as part of the Brexit agreement
  • An analysis on how the use of delegated powers in the Bill may have a disproportionate impact on women or minority groups
  • An analysis of current employment rights and EU-wide cooperation to end violence against women and girls

Link to the report: Face Her Future Brexit briefing