2 OCTOBER 2017

We have partnered with law firm Pinsent Masons to explore the issues facing women when engaging with pensions and other financial products.

In this report you will find:

  • An analysis of the ‘gender financial security gap’ in pensions, insurance, and investment products in the UK
  • Analysis of how the financial industry is approaching the gender pay gap
  • Recommendations on how policy makers and the finance industry could better engage women, drawing on current behavioural economics and gender research

Download the report here.

The report highlights the factors that constrain women’s ability to plan effectively for their financial futures, including how women:

  • are underinvesting in pensions and financial products
  • are under-insuring themselves, relative to men
  • have different attitudes and priorities when considering their financial futures
  • are more likely to experience poverty in retirement

The report is published against the backdrop of a gender pay gap that sees women earning less over their working lives. This alone creates a financial security gap, but we also discuss other factors that lead to women saving less, as they face risks over the course of their lives that are uniquely linked to the female experience.

Read more about Pinsent Masons here.