13 MAY 2015

The Fawcett Society congratulates Naz Shah on her successful and resounding election as Member of Parliament for Bradford West and expresses concern that the continued opposition of the unsuccessful Respect Party candidate, George Galloway, to Shah’s election is the culmination of a sexist electoral campaign by Galloway.

Galloway’s campaign against Shah was notably vicious and personal. Shah’s experience of enduring a forced, underage marriage in Pakistan was outrageously and falsely denied by Galloway. Galloway has a history of running campaigns against female candidates and his 2005 campaign in Bethnal Green and Bow against Oona King was characterised by intimidation and anti-Semitism.

This latest smear also follows recent comments from Galloway that allegations of sexual assault made against Julian Assange were, even if true, nothing more than “bad etiquette”.

Galloway’s accusations against Shah and the legal challenge he has launched to attempt to overturn Shah’s 11,000 majority are of great concern to Fawcett, and we urge Galloway to publicly recant and apologise.