Jess Phillips MP, Electoral Commission and Fawcett call for urgent reform to electoral laws

28 MAY 2019: Jess Phillips’ recent experiences have highlighted how it is time for governments and political parties to commit to the urgent need for comprehensive change to electoral laws. Read more

Fawcett open letter calls on Government to impose a lifetime ban on candidates who promote violence

22 MAY 2019: Following a petition with 90,000 signatures and rising, the organisation has published an open letter with signatories to the Prime Minister which urges her to act to end the abuse of women in politics and public life. Read more

New Fawcett report reveals how glaring gaps in equality legislation leave Parliament “above the law” on sexual harassment

26 FEBRUARY 2019: Fawcett research, released with global law firm Hogan Lovells today, reveals MPs, Peers, volunteers and staff are woefully unprotected if they are sexually harassed in Parliament. Read more

Fawcett comments on voting by proxy scheme for MPs on maternity or paternity leave

22 JANUARY: This change is long overdue and a basic requirement of a modern parliamentary democracy. Read more

Fawcett comments on women's representation 100 years since first women voted and stood for election

14 DECEMBER 2018: Despite all the great celebrations and activity this year, to date it adds up to a missed opportunity to effect lasting change. Read more

Women candidates face explicit resistance and discrimination within political parties, says new Fawcett report

2 NOVEMBER 2018: The most comprehensive study of its kind, published today by the Fawcett Society, finds that women face obstacles at every stage on the way to Parliament. Read more

Prime Minister encourages young women to get into politics

18 JULY 2018: Over 500 women attended Fawcett and 50:50 Parliament ‘Courage Calls: Ask Her to Stand’ event for women interested in a career in politics. Read more

UK Sex and Power Index reveals men dominate in every sector

23 APRIL 18: Our new Sex and Power Index reveals that positions of power in every sector of our society are dominated by men. Read more

Fawcett comments on cross-party report on sexual harassment in Westminster

8 FEBRUARY 2018: We expect to see robust sanctions enforced, including the suspension or expulsion of MPs and Peers if they are found to have engaged in sexual misconduct or harassment. Read more

100 Years Since Women First Won the Vote, U.K. Pessimistic about Achieving Gender Equality in Parliament

06 FEBRUARY 2018: Although today marks 100 years since the first women won the vote, less than half of young women think equal representation in Parliament will be achieved in their lifetime. Read more

Fawcett comments on vote in favour of introducing baby leave for MPs

1 FEBRUARY 2018: This change will be transformational for MPs and for parliament. Read more

Centenary of women’s suffrage a ‘missed opportunity’ unless barriers to political participation are removed, say campaigners

17 JANUARY 2018: Systems and culture have to change. Unless they do, we risk the 2018 centenary being a missed opportunity. Read more

Fawcett comments on Cabinet reshuffle

10 JANUARY 2018: We welcome more women and minority ethnic MPs promoted into government, but the leading party still has a long way to go. Read more

Fawcett comments on Westminster sexual harassment allegations

30 OCTOBER 2017: Sexual harassment has been normalised and tolerated in our workplaces and on our streets for far too long. Read more

Job-sharing for MPs supported by women candidates for most parties

5 SEPTEMBER 2017: Our new pamphlet makes the case for a change to the law to allow two people to share the job of an MP. Read more

Women’s representation in Parliament stalls at 32% after General Election 2017

09 JUNE 2017: At current rates of progress, Britain will not see equal representation in Parliament until 2062. Read more

Women’s representation in Parliament ‘stagnant’ in June election

15 MAY 2017: Our analysis has found that women’s representation in Parliament will flatline in the general election next month. Read more

‘Missing eight million’ women say they are uncertain to vote as Fawcett releases Women’s Manifesto

09 MAY 2017: Fawcett analysis finds that a ‘missing eight million’ women say they aren’t necessarily going to vote in the 2017 general election. Read more

Fawcett comments on Spring Budget 17

8 MARCH 2017: The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave his Spring Budget to Parliament on 8 March 2017. Read more

Fawcett comments on the WESC’s report, ‘Women in the House of Commons after the 2020 election’

10 JANUARY 2017: Today, the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee published a report on ‘Women in the House of Commons after the 2020 election’ which incorporates research from the Fawcett Society Read more

Labour leadership contenders commit to gender balanced leadership

22 AUGUST 2016: The Labour Leadership contenders, Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn, have both made commitments to gender balanced leadership and maintaining women’s representation after boundary changes. Read more

Fawcett responds to women’s representation in Parliament inquiry

9 AUGUST 2016: The Women and Equalities Select Committee are launching an inquiry to insure women are not disadvantaged as the political map of the UK is redrawn, from 650 constituencies to 600. Read more

Women in the Cabinet – How Will May Deliver for Women?

18 JULY 2016: 35% of the Cabinet (up from 32%) are women and just 26% (19 of 74) of junior ministers are women (it was previously 24%). Read more

An open letter to the Conservative leadership candidates

11 JULY 2016: Sam Smethers, CEO of Fawcett, today publishes an open letter to Rt Hon Theresa May MP and Andrea Leadsom MP to call upon them to consider women’s rights in their leadership bid. Read more