We need your help to win protections for women.  

Fawcett has been campaigning for reforms to sexual harassment law for many years. Last month, we were delighted when the Worker Protection Bill, led by Wera Hobhouse and supported by Fawcett, reached its second reading in the House of Lords and seemed on a path to becoming law. Despite commitments from Government in the Commons to implement these changes this Bill is now in danger and we need your help to save it.

Will you write to your MP today expressing your support for the Bill and tackling workplace sexual harassment?

The Bill intends to create a duty for employers to proactively prevent sexual harassment from occurring in their workplaces, and requires them to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from third parties, such as customers or clients.  

These changes will mean that women no longer have to  take employers to a tribunal to ensure they deal with sexual harassment after an event has occurred. Instead, employers will need to protect their employees with proper policies and reporting procedures, and proper training for staff. Recent revelations about shocking circumstances at the CBI have highlighted the need for all businesses to review whether they are doing enough to protect employees and deal with complaints sensitively and appropriately. Not only do these changes have cross party support but they were also committed to by Government in 2021 - after extensive consultation. 

“My immediate superior ...who I reported it to laughed & told me to get used to it, it was all only “a bit of fun” and that I should “take it as a compliment”. When I insisted that it was not complimentary and not fun he got angry and said no one had ever minded before.” Woman in the public service who shared her reflection with us for our report ‘Tackling sexual harassment in the workplace

Despite this, amendments introduced in the House of Lords are putting the Bill in jeopardy. What’s more they have mischaracterised the Bill and let down the women which the Bill seeks to protect. Recent reports indicate that Government no longer supports the Bill and will not be able to find time it needs in the parliamentary schedule for it  to get  passed into law. This is not acceptable – women cannot afford to wait any longer for safe workplaces that treat them with dignity and respect.  

We need your support to make sure the Government continues to prioritise this Bill by affirming their commitment to the changes it seeks to implement as well as giving it the time it needs to pass through Parliament.   

Writing to your MP only takes 30 seconds. Fill in your name and postcode and we will produce a letter which explains exactly why your MP needs to lend their support.  

Please write to your MP now and show your support.