Fawcett Society



Milton Keynes Fawcett local council study released

In 2015 Milton Keynes members of the Fawcett Society undertook an observational study of MK Council Meetings in order to explore whether there were gender differences and/or inequalities in the way Co...

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The Gender Pay Gap Conference 2016

New survey finds 6 in 10 women say “it matters to me” that my employer is taking steps to reduce the gender pay gap, with 77% of women say reducing it is the responsibility of business and employ...

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This National Hate Crime Awareness Week, let’s make gendered abuse a hate crime

“Hooked me around the neck really tightly”, “Following me slowly in his car”, “Rubbed his bits against my back”, “I felt trapped”, “Are you legal yet?”, “He told me I was ‘ugly...

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