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Fawcett Society report reveals hostility, complacency and a blame culture against women

Revealed - why progress on gender equality is so slow The Fawcett Society is today publishing new analysis which reveals disturbingly high levels of hostility towards women. These findings help to ex...

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Fawcett comments on the WESC’s report, ‘Women in the House of Commons after the 2020 election’

Today, the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee published a report on ‘Women in the House of Commons after the 2020 election’.Drawing on research by the Fawcett Society, the report ...

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Violence Against Women and Girls. When will we see change? #ICChange

Thankfully, Parliament took a significant step today and moved us closer to ratifying the Istanbul Convention with SNP MP Dr Eilidh’s Whiteford’s Private Member’s Bill passing its 2nd reading. T...

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