Face Her Future


For hundreds of years, women have worked to achieve basic rights at home, at work and in public life. The outcome of the EU Referendum is a call to action. A call to give women control over their lives and to create a more equal future. During the UK’s departure from the EU, we want to:

  • Guarantee women’s rights and promote a positive agenda for progress.
  • See women represented throughout the process and at every level.
  • Unite our communities and tackle racism, misogyny and all hate crime.
  • Ensure women are not hit hardest if there is an economic downturn.

What are the aims?

We stand together with women’s organisations and others across the UK to call on the Government, all political parties, the leadership candidates and those involved in the anticipated EU negotiations to:

  • Ensure women across the country have an equal place at the decision making table and that their voices are heard.
  • Guarantee there will be no weakening of women’s rights or of the continued progress towards equality for women
  • Continue to work internationally and in the UK to tackle violence against women and girls, FGM and human trafficking, and close the gender pay gap.
  • Recognise that improving women’s lives and creating a more equal society is better for our economy and our society.
  • Prioritise specific needs of women experiencing multiple disadvantages, based on race, sexuality, disability, income, vulnerability, migration status or other factors.
  • Urgently address the racism and violence that many people are experiencing, often disproportionately targeted at women.
  • Protect EU migrant women from unfair treatment.

We will focus on protecting and progressing equal treatment at work, equal treatment for mothers and pregnant women, tackling domestic and sexual violence and tackling racism and abuse.

Get involved:

Show your solidarity with women across the UK by sharing a photo of yourself and a woman (or a few women!) you are close to with #FaceHerFuture. It can be your mother, daughter, friend, sister, spouse, colleague – any woman whose rights you want to protect and advance as we enter uncertain times. This is who you are fighting for.

  • Post a picture with you and a woman or girl who is important to you
  • Tweet, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram your picture using #FaceHerFuture and tagging your friend, asking them to pass it on and do the same
  • Tell us which area of women’s rights you’re fighting for and why

Sign up to the newsletter and keep up to date with the campaign here.

Who is supporting?

A number of organisations have got behind the campaign, including:

BPASCFWDCoventry Women's VoicesEDFGirl Guiding
Printworking familiesTell MamaWomen's Aid


Visit the Face Her Future website here to find all the details of the campaign.