Fawcett is the UK’s leading charity for women’s equality and rights – at home, at work and in public life. Since our founder’s successful parliamentary campaign for the women’s vote we have continued to keep women’s rights in the public eye.

Today we are the UK’s largest independent membership organisation with a dedicated focus on advancing women’s equality and rights in modern Britain. We boast a large national member base as well as a formidable network of supporters and allies within academia, politics, the media, business and the professions.

We use independent research and evidence to better understand key issues and generate  reports, briefings and media coverage that both increase awareness and understanding and lead to change. We work with leading thinkers to not just make the case for greater gender equality but develop new ideas on how to get there.

A lot of what we do involves working with our supporters, through online networks, local activities and more. This means individuals around the country can get involved – and we can showcase the support our projects and campaigns have.

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Why we are here

We believe that as a society we will be stronger, healthier and happier when all people – women and men – enjoy full equality and respect.

But although over a century of campaigning has made a huge difference to many women’s lives,  we are still a very long way from true equality.

Women still earn only 85p for every £1 a man does, only 1 in 5  of our MPs are women, UK childcare is some of the most expensive in the EU, sexual harassment, rape and domestic violence are still a present and everyday reality for many women, and in the media what women look like is still treated as far more important than our words.

All this when the evidence is clear that a healthy economy needs women’s contribution and talent, that our top tables of power make better decisions for us all when women have a greater voice, that a better work/ life balance for parents is not just an investment in their children but in more productive workplaces, that violence against women costs both lives and £40 billion each year, and that our media and culture are healthier and better populated by real and respected women.

Greater women’s equality has already had a transformative impact on our society and millions of individual women and the families, friends and colleagues with whom they share their lives. It’s not just exciting to imagine what we could do with further dismantling at best outdated and at worst simply sexist policies, practices and beliefs  – it’s vital.

But too many of our most powerful decision makers have yet to move from principles to practice, or fear and resist change.

Fawcett exists to challenge this status quo – providing ground-breaking research, demanding policies and practice that advances not rewinds women’s equality,  promoting positive attitudes to equality and increasing women’s power and influence.