Register for the Women Demand Bread & Roses! March

Reminiscent of the 1912 Bread & Roses protests which revolutionised workers’ rights for women, Women’s March London will galvanise thousands for a Bread & Roses rally against Austerity in the United Kingdom. It is the common denominator in the rise of economic oppression, violence against women, gender pay gap, racism, fascism, institutional sexual harassment and hostile environment experienced by marginalised groups of people in the United Kingdom who are the many not the few. With the imminence of Brexit, we want austerity to end and are demanding specific assurances from the UK government. It is time to eliminate the dividing line between the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’.

Equality demands that we all get to thrive and not just survive. We demand Prosperity not Austerity.

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