Fawcett supports Co-Op Executive Tribunal over Equal Pay Claim

14 AUGUST 2018: Fawcett Society stands shoulder to shoulder with Sam Walker in her fight for equal pay.Read more

Fawcett comments on call by MPs for businesses to drive change on gender pay gap

2 AUGUST 2018: We have to move on from simply reporting the pay gap, to taking action to close it.Read more

Gulfs in jobs, care and transport in Greater Manchester show policy will fail without women

2 AUGUST 2018: Fawcett's new research on public services in Greater Manchester shows there are still “boy jobs” and “girl jobs” in apprenticeships, despite a below average gender pay gap.Read more

Fawcett comments on major report into sexual harassment in the workplace

25 JULY 2018: We have to move from treating this issue as a problem for the individual woman to deal with, to one that the organisation owns.Read more

Fawcett comments on EHRC largest ever review on women's rights

23 JULY 2018: This centenary year is a good time to take action on pregnancy discrimination, the gender pay gap, violence against women, and much more.Read more

Prime Minister encourages young women to get into politics

18 JULY 2018: Over 500 women attended Fawcett and 50:50 Parliament ‘Courage Calls: Ask Her to Stand’ event for women interested in a career in politics.Read more

Campaigners call for Police Chiefs to make misogyny a hate crime nationwide ahead of key vote

9 JULY 2018: The open letter comes after a Nottingham study reveals nine out of 10 (93.7%) of respondents had either experienced or witnessed street harassment.Read more

West Midlands jobs market failing women

5 JULY 2018: Fawcett's new research on public services in the West Midlands shows widening gap in the number of women and men in workRead more

Carrie Gracie donates BBC backdated pay to Fawcett Society to support women fighting for Equal Pay

29 JUNE 2018: Our first priority with this money will be to help low paid women and those who do not have access to advice fight pay inequality.Read more

Fawcett comments on Government response to report on Fathers and the Workplace

14 JUNE 2018: This is a huge missed opportunity to help families and to address one of the biggest inequalities in our society.Read more

MPs say public services and the law are failing millions of women

5 JUNE 18: The views and experiences of women of colour are largely hidden when it comes to public services and policymaking, according to a new report by Fawcett and Young Women's Trust.Read more

Tatty Devine Announces Partnership with Fawcett

21 MAY 2018: We are delighted to announce we will be launching a range with the iconic British jewellery brand Tatty Devine to celebrate the centenary year.Read more

Fawcett Society appoints Fiona Mactaggart as new Chair

Fiona Mactaggart, leading feminist campaigner and former Labour MP for Slough, has been appointed as Chair of the Fawcett Society.Read more

UK Sex and Power Index reveals men dominate in every sector

23 APRIL 18: Our new Sex and Power Index reveals that positions of power in every sector of our society are dominated by men.Read more

Gender pay gap reporting “game changer” in breaking the taboo on pay

3 APRIL 18: With the deadline for gender pay gap reporting approaching, employers now have nowhere to hide on gender pay gap.Read more

Brexit risks “turning the clock back on gender equality”, warns new report

27 MARCH 18: A new report from Women's Budget Group and Fawcett reveals the damaging economic impact of Brexit on women.Read more

Fawcett comments on MPs call for reform on parental and paternity leave system

20 MARCH 2018: Our parental leave system is still driven by a 1950s model of family life. It's time for a radical rethink.Read more

No Safety Net for UK’s Worst Paid Women

8 MARCH 2018: Millions of working women face financial insecurity, according to new research conducted by the Living Wage Foundation and the Fawcett Society.Read more

Fawcett comments on cross-party report on sexual harassment in Westminster

8 FEBRUARY 2018: We expect to see robust sanctions enforced, including the suspension or expulsion of MPs and Peers if they are found to have engaged in sexual misconduct or harassment.Read more

100 Years Since Women First Won the Vote, U.K. Pessimistic about Achieving Gender Equality in Parliament

06 FEBRUARY 2018: Although today marks 100 years since the first women won the vote, less than half of young women think equal representation in Parliament will be achieved in their lifetime.Read more

Fawcett comments on vote in favour of introducing baby leave for MPs

1 FEBRUARY 2018: This change will be transformational for MPs and for parliament.Read more

Fawcett comments on BBC review

30 JANUARY 2018: The Review concludes that there is no evidence of unlawful gender bias regarding pay decisions at the BBC.Read more

Fawcett's open letter to Tony Hall over unequal pay and decisions to remove some women broadcasters from air

29 JANUARY 2018: The only way forward is to resolve any pay inequality that exists and do it now.Read more