'Are There Female Gorillas?' theatre piece fundraises for Fawcett!

Sophie Ablett

We are theatre-makers using our work for feminist activism. Alongside fundraising for our show exploring female body hair, we want to give back directly to a feminist campaign, and The Fawcett Society and its legacy of fighting sexism and gender inequality across a whole range of issues is the perfect charity for us to fundraise for!

100 years, £1000

Julia Kingsford

It may have been 100 years since the first women got the vote but we're still far from equality. I don't want it to be another 100 years till we do.

Equality should have happened yesterday

Wai yee phuah

Always wanted to support the wider community of women. It light of recent scandals, abuse and harassment affects people from all backgrounds and more common than we can tell.

Cardiff 10k challenge run on 8th March 2018 for International Women's Day

Emanuil Tolev

I'm running in recognition of how incredibly influential feminism has been on the most complex topics of what it means to be human: freedom, sexuality, what does it really mean it to be a woman, to be a man, and the perception we have of each other in society.

100 Sheroes: Royal Parks Half Marathon Fawcett Fundraiser

Patricia Durr

I am fundraising for Fawcett because it is an organisation fighting hard for equality; because inequality hurts us all, makes us less than we are and produces violence and fear; because I want more and better for all of our children; because of the silence of the girls; because we are running out of time and if running helps, this girl can and will.

Jeff's RPHM Fundraising Page

Jeffrey Chwieroth

I want to support efforts to create a fairer and more equal society so that girls, like my daughter, feel empowered to achieve their dreams.

Hester's Chester Half Marathon for Fawcett!

Hester Waterfield

I am running the Chester Half Marathon for The Fawcett Society to support the bold, pioneering and vital work they are doing to bring about a better and more equal society.

International Women's Day: Support #PressforProgress

Sharon Alfred

In Honour of International Women's day, Capgemini Worthing is raising funds in support of gender equality.

Funds for an equal future

Emily Gibson

we are fundraising for you as so many women are being paid unfairly and no one wants to live in an unfair society

International Women's Day 10K Fundraising Page!

Kate Howlett

I'm fundraising £100 for the Fawcett Society in this centenary year of the Representation of the People's Act of 1918!

Fundraise for the Fawcett Society - Royal Parks Half-Marathon

Unverified User

Running the beautiful Royal Parks half-marathon is a wonderful pretext to fund-raise for the Fawcett Society in the year we are celebrating 100 years of votes for women.