100 years, £1000

Julia Kingsford

It may have been 100 years since the first women got the vote but we're still far from equality. I don't want it to be another 100 years till we do.

Equality should have happened yesterday

Wai yee phuah

Always wanted to support the wider community of women. It light of recent scandals, abuse and harassment affects people from all backgrounds and more common than we can tell.

Team Fawcett's International Women's Day 10k Fundraising Page

Ben Gerrish

Welcome to the Team Fawcett fundraising page for the International Women's Day 10k! Here you can make a donation to the whole of Team Fawcett for their 10k challenge, happening throughout March 2018.

The Fast(ish) & The Feminist

Rachael Stark

As we mark 100 years since the vote was finally given to (some!) women in the UK, we have come so far. At the same time, there's still so far to go! I'm taking part in the International Women's Day 10k to help the Fawcett Society continue to make change happen!

Fundraising for the Future

Freya Ashworth

I hope to make a difference for women now and women of the future. I am determined and dedicated and I believe that we can all make a difference.

Ladies of Ipswich 100 years on

Julia Barrett

As a women's social historian, I am fundraising to continue the work carried out so bravely over 100 years ago by a group of women known as the "Ladies of Ipswich".

Quilting for Equality

Martin Brown

To raise awareness and promote equality across all areas of life, including work, legal, political and social causes.

Liz is 'running' the London Landmarks Half Marathon

Elizabeth Kohler

Given the year, the centenary of some women getting the vote, The Fawcett Society is a really appropriate organization to support.

Victoria's run for equality

Victoria Murphy

When it comes to gender equality I couldn't just stand still

Angjela's London Half

Angjela Nikaj

Mari's London Landmarks Half Marathon 2018

Mari Takayanagi

I'm running for Fawcett because 2018 is the year of Vote 100! #Vote100