Taking The Biscuit

The gender pay gap is taking the biscuit! This Equal Pay Day, get your rolling pins at the ready to help Fawcett close the gap for good! Read more

Fawcett Holiday Superhero Challenge

Entertain your little ones over the holidays with our Superhero Challenge. Complete the activities and help us level up on gender equality power! Read more

Joystick It To The Man

Introducing 'Joystick It To The Man', The Fawcett Society's very own video gaming and fundraising initiative. The idea is simple; get together a group of friends, and challenge yourselves to play video games for as long as you can, all while raising money for Fawcett. We have everything you need to get started. Find out more here! Read more

Savoo Search, Save and Raise

You can now show your support for The Fawcett Society when you use Savoo Search, Save and Raise as your online shopping platform. Your efforts cost you nothing because Savoo donates on your behalf. Find out more here! Read more

Challenge yourself!

Join Team Fawcett in a challenge event! Apply for a spot at the London Landmarks Half Marathon, and register for our Virtual 10K in honour of International Women's Day Read more

Do your own fundraising

There's lots you can do to raise money for Fawcett. Whether it's hosting a bake sale, organising a pub quiz or challenging yourself to a 24-hour gaming marathon, we can support you every step of the way. Find out more here! Read more

Fundraise at work

Get your workmates involved in the fight against misogyny! Here's how you can make a huge difference by supporting Fawcett at your workplace. Read more

Fundraise at school, college or university

The sky is the limit! Get together with friends to raise money for The Fawcett Society, set up a sponsored challenge, or organise a fundraiser as part of your university's RAG Week. Read more

Set up a fundraising page

All of our fundraisers get a dedicated page on our website which lets them keep their family and friends updated on how much they've raised so far. Click here to find out more about setting up your own page. Read more