Women in the Public Sector

Women in the Public Sector

Image courtesy of Jacky Flemming, all rights reserved.

Women predominate in the public sector, the part of the economy concerned with providing government services. Public sector workers range from teachers, nurses, road maintenance officers, police and many more. Women predominate in the public sector in fact 65% of public sector workers are women.  Yet once again women are more poorly represented in the senior levels of the public sector. In 2013, 39% of appointments and reappointments to public bodies were women.

Women are:

  • 25% of Permanent Secretaries
  • Four of the posts equivalent to Permanent Secretary (Second Permanent Secretary (Finance Ministry), the Chief Executive of HM Revenue and Customs, the Chief Medical Officer and the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • 31% of civil service top management
  • 35% of NHS chief executives


The Commissioner for Public Appointments announced that in 2012/13 41.1% of new appointments in 2012/13 were women which means there is a strong chance of making 50% of all new public appointments women by 2015.  Once again it is vital that people making decisions that affect all our lives are representative. To find out more about women in the civil service read the Counting Women In Coalition’s Sex and Power report, below.


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