Women in Other Professions

Women in Other Professions

Image courtesy of Jacky Flemming, all rights reserved.

Women are a majority (51%) of the population, but power is concentrated in the hands of a minority. What applies to politics applies to other areas as well. In public life (areas which either raise or spend public money (e.g. health), which make fundamental decisions about individual lives (e.g. the courts) or which influence or affect our national culture (e.g. the media) the over-representation of men is evident; in some the absence of women is marked. Even in trades and professions in which women predominate as employees they are often hard to find at the top, and both the parliamentary lobby and its editors are heavily male.

Percentage of women in these professions are:

– Editors of national newspapers – 5%

– Directors of major art galleries and museums 28%

– Chairs of national arts companies 9.3%

– Chief executives of national sports bodies 23.8%

– Public appointments 36.4%

– Senior ranks in the armed forces 1.8%

– Senior police officers 17.6%

– Senior judiciary 13.6%

– Headteachers in secondary schools 38.4%

– University vice chancellors 14.2%

– Trade union general secretarys 27.8%

– Heads of professional bodies 33.3%

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