Election 2015: Take Action

Election 2015: Take Action

The run up to the General Election is an ideal time to ask future national politicians what they will do about the issues we care about.

Our election goals:

  • Women using the full force of their vote to choose the candidates they want to represent them. That way the political parties will sit up and take notice when women speak. Look at the protection of pensions and the high rates of voting among the over 50s
  • More women at the highest levels of decision making. Decisions of national importance are being made without women round the table so the different perspectives and experiences of 50% of the country are not being heard. Link Issue – power
  • Political parties doing more to recruit and promote women. As members of political parties, MPs have a considerable ability to influence change yet women are seriously under represented in politics. All the parties need to commit to changing parliamentary procedure, culture and policy in order to change this. Link Issue – power (politics)
  • Fair and civilised treatment of women candidates by the media. Too often female politicians are portrayed in the media differently to men e.g. they can find themselves more routinely asked about their family status or receiving comments about their appearance. Link Issue-public Link to #viewsnotshoes?

Fawcett’s election action

Respect for women in politics: the merits of female candidates and politicians should be judged on what they say, not what they look like. In our #Views not Shoes campaign we are asking you to join us in naming and shaming journalists that subject women to outdated sexist coverage.

How the parties measure up: we will comb the main political parties’ manifestos and tell you what they say they will do for women, and what we think they will really do. Read a blog (link to feminist matters) every week about our findings, then a final round-up

Picture Credit: Spencer Griffiths

Women and the economy: our special ‘hustings’ event quizzed leading politicians on how their economic policies would deliver for women through lively and passionate debate #womenandeconony

Setting out the issues: Fawcett has teamed up with the Women’s Resource Centre and other women’s organisations to create a women’s manifesto http://fairdealforwomen.com/

Support our election campaigns


  • Join Fawcett: help us continue to hold the government and other organisations to account
  • Buy a ‘This is what a feminist voter looks like’ T-shirt from our shop to spread the word about the importance of voting and help support Fawcett’s vital work
  • Donate (link to donate)to the Fawcett Society to help make women’s voices louder
  • Volunteer to read your local and national papers and help us call out sexist media coverage #ViewsNotShoes
  • Arm yourself with facts. Look at these amazing women’s manifestos and have your questions ready for candidates:
  • Join a Fawcett local group and lobby for change in your local area. Bristol Fawcett asked their local council candidates to answer three simple questions about their attitudes to women’s equality and then scored them

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