Don’t Blame It On The Girls

Don’t Blame It On The Girls

School uniforms are in the news and once again girls are the focus for a worrying blame culture. It is time this stopped. Here is an extract from the Plymouth Herald:

A Plymouth school has banned girls from wearing skirts because too many were wearing them too short.

Plymstock School has sent a letter to parents saying that from September all girls will have to wear dark grey trousers.

The letter says that while the girls may leave home with their skirts at a decent length, by the time they get to class they have been rolled up.

The letter reads: “time wasted addressing skirt issues would be better spent focusing on teaching and learning…..”

The letter adds: “Recent fashions have led to girls wearing skirts that are too short to be acceptable in the workplace.”  

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This is in addition to news that a school in the Midlands banned skirts saying there were now so short they were distracting to male staff and pupils.

Confusingly, a school in south east England has instructed girls to wear dresses in the second half of the summer term or be sent home.

This is what we think

It is time to have one uniform list, not one for boys and one for girls.

Uniforms and how they are worn should not make girls subject to blame or disadvantage. Male teachers and boys should be able to manage their own minds to maintain focus on their work, and not blame it on girls if they get distracted.

Teachers’ time and energy is best spent on educating young women and men and opening a world of opportunity for everyone, not turning the school experience into one of victim and prey. The way men behave should not be blamed on girls and what they wear.

We think it is time to speak up for girls, and we want to hear from you. 


What about you?

Should we have one uniform list for boys and girls?


Let us know by email or by using the #dontblameitonthegirls hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. We want to hear your thoughts and what is happening at your school/your children’s school.