Leave A Legacy

Leave A Legacy

Leaving a legacy in your will is one of the most significant ways you can help the Fawcett Society achieve its vision of a society in which women and men enjoy equality at work, at home and in public life.

We trace our roots back to 1866, when Millicent Garrett Fawcett began her lifetime’s work leading the peaceful campaign for women’s votes. Millicent’s legacy is our future.

Today we campaign across a wide range of issues, raising awareness and winning legislative change for greater equality between women and men.

By remembering the Fawcett Society in your will, you can help us build on Millicent’s legacy to women’s rights and help secure the future of Fawcett’s work to close the equality gap between women and men.

If you would like to know more about leaving a gift to Fawcett in your will, please email supportercare@fawcettsociety.org.uk; or call the office on 0203 598 6154.