How you can support us

The Fawcett Society works to keep women’s rights on the political agenda and in the public eye.

For those who share our vision and commitment to change, there are lots of ways to help our work:

  • Fawcett membership offers a chance to directly support our activities and to stand up and be counted. Our members are central to our power and influence, underpinning everything we do. From delivering strength in numbers to ensuring we have the funds to carry on our vital work, we simply can’t do it without you. So if you can, join us.
  • Join a local group to increase support for Fawcett’s work in your area
  • Make a donation or leave a legacy
  • Get involved in a fundraising activity
  • Buy something from our shop


Anyone who shares our vision and wants to join us in our mission will be warmly welcomed.

Help us achieve our vision for women's equality across the UK