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Fawcett awards medals for worst offenders in the #SexistOlympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics has seen the media reach new lows, to make what should be a celebration of what humans can achieve into another glaring demonstration that sexism is still alive and well. We’ve seen bronze medal-winning Corey Cogdell referred to as ‘Wife of a Bears’ lineman’, the online body-shaming of Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno, a BBC commentator calling ...

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Gender Pay Gap Regulations

Closing the gender pay gap – it is good news that companies must report, but will they be compelled to act?We have warmly welcomed the draft reporting gender pay gap regulations, ...

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A Mixed Bag For Women and Gender Equality

Responding to the Comprehensive Spending Review, Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society declared it to be “A mixed bag for women and for gender equality.”“The Chancellor’s tax-credit ...

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New Measures on Gender Pay Inequality

Responding to the Government’s announcement today Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society said:"In our response to the Government consultation the Fawcett Society called for including bonuses and also extending ...

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Fawcett on Tax Credit Cuts

Commenting ahead of the House of Lords vote on the tax credit amendments, Sam Smethers CEO of the Fawcett Society said,"There is no doubt that women will be disproportionately hit ...

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Sam Smethers Welcomes The Introduction of Grandparents’ Leave

Responding to the Chancellor, George Osborne’s announcement of transferable grandparental leave, Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society said:“It is good news for families and for all those working ...

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Statement from the Fawcett Society’s CEO on Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet

We welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to a 50:50 Cabinet and we congratulate those women appointed so far. But it’s not only a numbers game.  It’s disappointing that virtually all of ...

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Giving with one hand, taking away with two – the 2015 Budget

Women are going to be pushed further into a poverty trap following a Budget that offers little to help them increase their income, the Fawcett Society believes. We fear that many more ...

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Time to shake up the boardroom

The UK’s top companies should recruit more women to their boards, a Fawcett Society report concludes in its review of the board recruitment practices of FTSE companies.Top companies should confront ...

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Fawcett welcomes an increase in women MPs

The Fawcett Society has welcomed the increase in women representatives in Parliament following the 2015 General Election.Commenting, Belinda Phipps, Fawcett Chair said: “We are really pleased that there has been an ...

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