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New ONS figures reveal mean gender pay gap is slow to close

 New figures from the ONS published today show that the mean pay gap for full time workers is 13.9%, a fall of just 0.2 percentage points since last year.Jemima Olchawski Head of Policy and insight at the Fawcett Society said:“Its good news to see the gender pay gap come down and in particular to see that it has closed the ...

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The Gender Pay Gap Conference 2016

New survey finds 6 in 10 women say “it matters to me” that my employer is taking steps to reduce the gender pay gap, with 77% of women say reducing it ...

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Sexist pricing in our supermarkets revealed

New research today published by the Fawcett Society reveals that sexist pricing is widespread on our high streets with the UK’s biggest supermarkets - Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons’ charging ...

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Fawcett responds to the burkini ban

During August, French towns have been implementing a 'burkini ban' on beaches. This week, photographs emerged which suggest police enforced the law by asking a woman to take off her burkini. You ...

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Fawcett responds to IFS report on gender pay gap widening for mothers

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) today released the findings of a report into the gender pay gap. The study shows that women earn 18% less per hour than men ...

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Fawcett awards medals for worst offenders in the #SexistOlympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics has seen the media reach new lows, to make what should be a celebration of what humans can achieve into another glaring demonstration that sexism is ...

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Labour leadership contenders commit to gender balanced leadership

The Labour Leadership contenders, Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn, have both made commitments to gender balanced leadership and maintaining women’s representation after boundary changes, the Labour Women's Network have announced.Fawcett CEO ...

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Fawcett responds to NHS board quotas

Last week the NHS announced it would be introducing 50:50 quotas to get more women on NHS Trust boards. The findings of the report 'Action not words – Making NHS boards ...

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Fawcett responds to women’s representation in Parliament inquiry

The Women and Equalities Select Committee are launching an inquiry to insure women are not disadvantaged as the political map of the UK is redrawn, from 650 constituencies to 600. ...

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Fawcett Comments on BlackLivesMatter

Today has seen protests and campaigns from Black Lives Matter in the UK calling attention to racism experienced by black people in their everyday lives.Racism and sexism remain powerful ...

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