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Fawcett release on the Autumn Statement 2016

Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society said:"The Autumn Statement 2016 is disappointing and represents a missed opportunity for women and for the economy.“The Chancellor could and should have included investment in our childcare and social care infrastructure in his infrastructure spending plans.  This would help to grow the economy, support low paid workers and families struggling to cope ...

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Changemakers Grants Programme Announcement

We are excited to launch the Spirit of 2012 Spirit of Women Changemakers small grants programme, delivered by Fawcett in partnership with BE Group.Spirit of 2012 (Spirit) created the Spirit ...

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10th November is Equal Pay Day

Women work for free until the end of the year Charity warns of threat to women’s right to equal pay post-Brexit Thursday 10th November 2016 is Equal Pay Day (EPD). This means ...

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Equal Pay Day 2016 – #EqualValue

#EqualValue In 2016 Equal Pay Day is 10th November. This marks the day after which women are effectively working for free as a result of earning less on average than men.The ...

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New ONS figures reveal mean gender pay gap is slow to close

 New figures from the ONS published today show that the mean pay gap for full time workers is 13.9%, a fall of just 0.2 percentage points since last year.Jemima Olchawski ...

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The Gender Pay Gap Conference 2016

New survey finds 6 in 10 women say “it matters to me” that my employer is taking steps to reduce the gender pay gap, with 77% of women say reducing it ...

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Sexist pricing in our supermarkets revealed

New research today published by the Fawcett Society reveals that sexist pricing is widespread on our high streets with the UK’s biggest supermarkets - Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons’ charging ...

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Fawcett responds to the burkini ban

During August, French towns have been implementing a 'burkini ban' on beaches. This week, photographs emerged which suggest police enforced the law by asking a woman to take off her burkini. You ...

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Fawcett responds to IFS report on gender pay gap widening for mothers

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) today released the findings of a report into the gender pay gap. The study shows that women earn 18% less per hour than men ...

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Fawcett awards medals for worst offenders in the #SexistOlympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics has seen the media reach new lows, to make what should be a celebration of what humans can achieve into another glaring demonstration that sexism is ...

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