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What can feminism do to be more inclusive?

The last five years has seen a resurgence in feminism in British culture. And at the same time the internet has exploded and social media has given more people an opportunity to have their voices heard. But has feminism capitalized on the power of the internet to reflect the voices that are traditionally ignored? The voices of women of colour?Just ...

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5 reasons to join the campaign to decriminalise abortion

Today, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service is launching the We Trust Women campaign to take abortion out of the criminal law across the UK. We are delighted to be supported ...

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Why the ‘Pink Tax’ is costing us all a lot more than we realise

The 'Pink Tax' investigation by The Times should have made clear to everyone that gendered products are purely a way to profit on the basis of gender stereotypes. The study found ...

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The sexist surcharge: why Boots should lead the way on reviewing pricing

Last week The Times published the results of an investigation into sexist pricing on our high streets, and the results were mind-boggling, even to those of us who have long ...

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The great quotas debate

Gender quotas are taking off.  From politics to the judiciary via company boards, all around the world, quotas are opening doors that were previously shut to women.  Yet they remain ...

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The campaign for equal civil partnerships

My partner, Jimmy, and I are campaigning to open up civil partnerships, currently only available for same sex couples, to different sex couples. We are expecting our first child together ...

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What do you call a feminist who doesn’t want to be called a feminist?

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: “What do you call a feminist who doesn’t want to be called a feminist?”We all knew that feminism had a bad ...

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Speeding up the pace of change – after 150 years

In 1866 Millicent Fawcett and her fellow petitioners set about persuading an all-male House of Commons to give women the vote.  Her allies included Henry Fawcett, her husband, and the ...

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The Farmer’s in her den…

My colleague, Anna Daly, and I were recently asked to submit a proposal for an activity at our local Festival of Feminist Arts. Anna is a community dance artist and ...

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Australia says ‘Not on Our Watch’ – lessons in preventing violence against women

Around the world, there is an increasing awareness of the scale of violence against women. But how do we tackle the problem at its roots, gender inequality? In Australia, Our ...

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