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EU Referendum: Vote Remain

Why should women vote to Remain in the EU this June? Monica Threlfall argues the case, as part of our campaign to get women's issues talked about in this debate and encourage women to engage. Catch up on our live video from our recent event exploring both sides here, and read Dreda Say Mitchell's blog piece arguing to Leave here.All ...

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Forgotten historic brooch belonging to Millicent Garrett Fawcett rediscovered

I received an intriguing email describing the discovery of a previously unknown brooch belonging to Millicent Garrett Fawcett. Obviously such an item is of considerably significance to the Fawcett Society ...

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A winning strategy for women’s votes?

With less than three months to go until polling day, the EU referendum campaigns are increasingly trying to win over female voters. In their latest research, ICM and the Fawcett ...

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The forgotten women of classical music

A four-minute musical challenge for you! No knowledge required – all you need is the burning desire to challenge lazy gender stereotypes.So – please listen to these seven extracts of ...

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Our environment needs women’s equality

Earlier this month the Honduran feminist, indigenous leader and environmental activist Berta Cáceres was murdered in her home. Berta was an inspirational campaigner who had been awarded the Goldman Environmental ...

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On International Women’s Day let’s not forget about children

This International Women’s Day its important to remember that gender inequality is not just an issue which affects adults, but it also has significant implications for children’s welfare and development. ...

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Where do women stand in 2016?

To mark our 150th anniversary in 2016, and International Women's Day, we compiled some interesting statistics from our timeline or women's rights progression, to get a snapshot of what life ...

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What can feminism do to be more inclusive?

The last five years has seen a resurgence in feminism in British culture. And at the same time the internet has exploded and social media has given more people an ...

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5 reasons to join the campaign to decriminalise abortion

Today, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service is launching the We Trust Women campaign to take abortion out of the criminal law across the UK. We are delighted to be supported ...

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Why the ‘Pink Tax’ is costing us all a lot more than we realise

The 'Pink Tax' investigation by The Times should have made clear to everyone that gendered products are purely a way to profit on the basis of gender stereotypes. The study found ...

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