No More Page 3 – Christmas number 1?

“Go big or go home” has always felt like a good motto for a team of untrained, voluntary campaigners who are trying to change editorial policy at the biggest newspaper in the UK. But this time, we’re really living up to our motto by going big, the biggest number one of the year to be specific. Yes, that’s right, No More Page 3 with the help of Miss Baby Sol are aiming to get Now’s The Time to Christmas number 1!

We know it’s a huge thing to attempt and maybe it’s too huge, who knows. However, we’ve always been a pretty fearless bunch and so far the heart and spirit that leads us has taken us in the right direction.


The opening lyrics of Now’s The Time are:

I heard them saying

We’ll never change the news

Yet the storm is raging

Between the old and new.


That’s a storm that we’re having an amazing time riding and the support we have had from organisations and the public has truly been incredible. We are leading the debate, it’s our agenda that is in the press, the question to those who work for The Sun is consistently “what is happening to Page 3?”; we’d almost feel sorry for editor Dave Dinsmore but he called us “shouty”, like that was a bad thing, so our sympathy has been lost! It feels like there is a general agreement that it’s now just a matter of time before Page 3 goes and that’s an amazing testament to just what power the public can have.

We’re not just doing this because robbing Simon Cowell of another Christmas number 1 will make us laugh, (although it will really make us laugh) we’re also trying to raise money for some very worthy women’s causes. We’d love to set up the Now’s The Time fund that would allow us to financially support some of the awesome charities that have been hit so hard by the Government’s austerity measures; especially those working to end violence against women and girls. We already sponsor two women’s football teams and a Commonwealth cyclist and we’d like to do more, women’s sport represents just 5% of mainstream media coverage – for context, that’s the same amount as darts. Over the last two years of campaigning we have been lucky enough to visit schools and colleges to educate and inspire the next generations of budding campaigners, with a bit of luck the Now’s The Time fund will allow us to carry on this brilliant work.


Of course, none of that can happen if we don’t sell any singles! So here’s the call to action bit…

The song may well not be your cup of tea, you may think we’re foolish even attempting it but even so, please, do get behind us. Imagine if we did it. Imagine if we, passionate members of the public, stand up against the might of the X Factor and The Sun. Imagine if the campaign song is played on the chart shows, if the video is shown on TV, imagine the news stories. The coverage for us would be phenomenal and can only help us take one more step closer to media equality. We’re not the first group to campaign against Page 3, but we hope we’re the last.

You can buy the single from iTunes and Amazon, search for NMP3 Now’s The Time.

Please share this with your loved ones, or not so loved ones, and help us make a dent in the wall of media sexism that we have to deal with every day.

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