Men in skirts, girls at war and women with balls – it’s Feminist Friday.

Back once again, it’s Feminist Friday. Here Fawcett brings you the news stories y’all should be caring about.

No one will have escaped the news that three young women left their home in East London and have travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State fighters. There has been endless speculation about these young women that they are vulnerable victims, that they’re not victims, they are anti feminists or that they are countering the stereotype of Muslim women as passive and meak. Either way, there is a whole lot of talk about these young women but their voices remain absent from the discussion.

In showbiz Patricia Arquette mentioned equal pay in her Oscars acceptance speech and then everyone got cross because she came across as if she was really only advocating equality for white, heterosexual women and that’s not cool. If you needed a reminder about what a white-man-fest the academy awards is, then check this infographic.

Turkish men took to the streets in mini-skirts to protest the death of 20 year old student Ozgecan Aslan who was killed by her bus driver earlier this month. We loved this show of gender-bending solidarity against violence against women reports of which have risen 14 fold since 2002.

In sport, England’s women cricketers beat New Zealand and levelled the score for the One Day International Series. The final ODI decider match is played on Saturday. In rugby, England and Ireland go head to head tonight in the Women’s Six Nations Tournament.

A bit of food for thought, we really liked this ‘what if we treated our sons like we treat our daughters’ article from the Huffington Post. “You receive carefully chosen baby gifts that celebrate your son’s gender. Everyone’s favourite.. is a …onesie …that says Future Trophy Husband. You think for a fleeting moment that this is a bit odd, even inappropriate, but all of your friends think it’s super cute.”

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