Feminist Friday – Violence, Gingerbread and Princesses

Each week the Fawcett team will be scouring the media and blogosphere to bring you our top essential feminist posts from the past 7 days – the good, the bad and the ugly…

For many, the news of Oscar Pistorius’ sentence for shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (5 years in prison, with the possibility of release after 10 months) came as a stark blow, that some have argued demonstrate how little worth is placed on a woman’s life in the present day. We were moved by Suzanne Moore’s article in the Guardian, which dissects the way that the media immediately shift the conversation away from male violence to an analysis (in the case of Pistorius) of post-apartheid South Africa, the justice system, and Pistorius’ future career. For Suzanne Moore, Kat Lister at the Huffington Post, and thousands more on Twitter, returning the focus to Reeva Steenkamp, like Karen Ingala’s powerful campaign Counting Dead Women, is an act of protest, outrage and remembrance.

Here in the UK, Sheffield United footballer and convicted rapist, Ched Evans, issued a video statement following his recent release from prison. The video, in which Evans claimed his innocence and pleaded forgiveness for his ‘infidelity’ to his girlfriend, who sits next to him throughout the video, has provoked a great deal of criticism, including from his aunt.

While both Evans and Pistorius have had the opportunity to speak and be heard in the media about their cases, their victims have been silenced. This context highlighted just how unique it was to hear Crystal’s article in the Independent, about her experience of being involved with prostitution, and her motivation for joining the End Demand campaign, which Fawcett is proud to support.

While violence against women has dominated this week, these last two posts have cheered us up: a Melbourne bakery has launched a Genderless Gingerbread Figure, but apparently Twitter doesn’t like it. We think it’s pretty funny! But even more entertaining are these fantastic little girls, dressed up as princesses, f-ing and blinding about how disgraceful gender inequality is. But you don’t need to get your ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt from the US, you can get it directly from us, or get the limited edition ELLE x Whistles for Fawcett version here.


What do you think about the coverage of the Pistorius case, and Evans’ video statement? Would you buy an organic, vegan, genderless gingerbread figure? And what do you think of the swearing princesses? Let us know your thoughts – and don’t forget to share your favourite feminist posts of the week! Happy Feminist Friday x

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