Feminist Friday – t-shirt mayhem

Who knew the hub bub it would cause when we launched our redesigned ‘this is that a feminist looks like’ t-shirt in collaboration with Elle and Whistles last week.

The decision to partner with a fashion magazine and high street store wasn’t an easy one. Fashion and feminism aren’t the most straight-forward of bed fellows, but overall we thought this was a great opportunity to spread the word of feminism, and get the real issues into mainstream debate. You can read more about the thought process we went through in our blog here.

As part of Elle’s drive to get men wearing the t-shirt and engaging in the cause, they invited the leaders of the three main political parties to take a photo of themselves wearing it. Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband accepted but David Cameron chose not to.

That same day, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman MP couldn’t help but make a point by wearing the t-shirt to Prime Minister’s Questions.

Harriet Harman

News spread like wildfire and the story was covered in a vast array of media outlets, from women’s glossies, the red tops, the broadsheets, right through to the daily political news shows and Sky News.

Some felt that, given his record on women, it was right that Cameron didn’t wear the t-shirt and to do so would have been hypocritical. Others argued that feminism is for everyone – even men and Tories, and that “you might argue that Tory feminists are wrong, or complacent, or wilfully blind; but it doesn’t follow that they are, de facto, not feminists”.

The debacle certainly ruffled some feathers – wasn’t it just a publicity stunt? Well yes, maybe to an extent, but it got us all talking about the record of our political leaders live on national TV and in mainstream and online media, so we stand by it. You can hear more about what our Head of Policy Daisy Sands had to say on this when she came in for a grilling by Andrew Neil on the BBC Daily Politics earlier in the week.

And we know that the campaign has REALLY made it now, as we’ve even been satirised in a political cartoon!

The full Whistles feminism range including a jumper, clutch bag and phone case has gone on sale this week – you can find the full range here – 100% of the profits go to Fawcett.

If the range is a bit too steep remember you can still get our classic t-shirt at a much lower price direct from us, or for free when you become a member. We will also be extending our sizing up to XXXL from early November.

Even though Benedict Cumberbatch, Tinie Tempah, Eddie Izzard, Richard E. Grant, Simon Pegg and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (to name but a few) in our t-shirt, lots of our members still love Bill Bailey the best!


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