Feminist Friday – “Heteronormative Patriarchy on Crack”

This week I spoke at an event with the fantastic journalist Reni Edo-Lodge. She described so-called lad-culture as “heteronormative patriarchy on crack” and I haven’t been able to get the phrase out of my head.

Unless you’ve been on a desert island all week – more of that later – you won’t have escaped the coverage of Dapper Laughs and Julien Blanc.

Journalist Abi Wilkinson criticised Dapper Laughs on Twitter, (for those of you who are not aware, Dapper Laughs is the character created by comedian (?) Daniel O’Reilly who teaches men ‘how to pull birds,’ through a variety of jokes about rape and sexual assault) and after a bit of publicising from Dapper Laughs himself, got a whole barrage of abuse from his fans. She wrote about it here. One of Dapper Laughs’ followers replied to Abi, “why don’t you just go back to your home on whore island.”

We loved Vagenda’s response to this delightful suggestion: they sent out an open invitation to women to join them on Whore Island, “an as yet undiscovered feminist utopia.” Camilla Mills went to town and, with a little help from Vagenda’s Twitter army, imagined just how wonderful Whore Island could be.

More than 60,000 people signed a petition to stop ITV commissioning a second series of Dapper Laughs’ weekly TV show – and they won. ITV will not be making a second series, and Daniel O’Reilly has stated that his alter-ego will exist no more.

So Dapper Laughs backed down – now #TakeDownJulienBlanc.

The odious Julien Blanc was banished from Australia after 18,000 people signed a petition demanding his exit due to his hateful and violent approach to picking up women. Blanc is now trying to gain entry to the UK to hold £1000 + bootcamps to train “socially awkward men.”

The petition to prevent Blanc from getting a UK visa has almost hit 100,000 signatures. Add yours now. Similar petitions have sprung up in Canada and Brazil.

Our friends over at the End Violence Against Women Coalition said “some of the behaviour Blanc demonstrates in his videos amounts to sexual harassment and sexual assault” and Rape Crisis South London said “Blanc is training white men to abuse their privilege to coerce women into sex; he is not unique but he is being so explicit about it.”

His speeches and quotes are too awful and triggering to put up here, but you can read the gory detail here and here. We did laugh at the leaked Tindr conversation he had with one woman here… “I’m sorry, I’m just very desperate….Why won’t you sleep with me?…Is there something wrong with me?”

Yes Julien, there really is.

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