Feminist Friday 9th January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Feminist Friday of 2015!

Let’s start with the feminist round ups of 2014. The Guardian’s Rebecca Solnit said 2014 was a “year of feminist insurrection” and you can watch The Year that Feminists Won here.

Mic gave us an excellent summary of awesome feminist moments of 2014. From Malala to Laverne Cox and there was lots to feel good about. On the other side of the coin, Shelina Janmohamed explores why 2014 was the year Muslim women’s bodies hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This week former footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans was back in the news. Here is our former patron Charlie Webster kicking ass on Channel 4 on whether Evans should play football again. With the possibility of Evans being signed at Oldham, sponsors started to cut ties and eventually Oldham decided against signing the footballer.

But is rape ever funny? National treasures Mel and Sue spoke out against male comedians making rape jokes. If you want to know more about whether rape jokes are funny you can read this oldie from Jezebel in 2012 and this from Jamie Kilstein on why rape culture doesn’t like him.

And from around the world Maddu Kinnar is the first transgender woman who will stay in post as an elected mayor in India and Shakespeare-reading, porn star Mia Khalifa from Lebanon has been in all the papers since becoming the internet’s favourite adult actress after just three months in the industry.

A packed first week of the New Year, but don’t worry, still 51 more Feminist Fridays to come!


Photo courtesy of Kristen Althoff – Flickr Creative Commons license.

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