Feminist Friday: 50 Shades of nonsense

Image shared under a creative commons license by Cory Doctorow

Well it wouldn’t be a feminist round up if we didn’t mention the launch of the film adaptation of the E. L James bestseller 50 Shades of Grey, but really we won’t linger on it because as Hadley Freeman says, even Trappist Monks know this movie is being released. Some say it’s very vanilla fun others say this is just not how you do BDSM, that it is capitalism gone mad or that the film is quite simply rubbish. The key things you need to know about this movie:

Ok enough of this film now!

In other news, Angelina Jolie was at the London School of Economics this week at the launch of the UK’s first academic Centre on Women, Peace and Security, to be based at the School. On the same day women in Afghanistan marched after no women were appointed to the cabinet even though Afghan President Ashraf Ghani promised to ensure female participation in politics.

This week was also the launch of the Femicide Census, that is gathering together all of the evidence of women being killed by men. The initiative has grown out of Karen Ingala Smith’s #countingdeadwomen with the support of Women’s Aid

Afghan woman protesting shared under CC license by Yolanda

Afghan woman protesting shared under CC license by Yolanda

From across the pond, this week also saw the death of Penny Proud, the fifth trans-woman to be murdered in the USA in 2015. Proud was shot in New Orleans on Tuesday, few other details have been released about the murder. Campaigners have raised concern about the lack of media coverage these deaths have received.

And finally, it’s valentines day on Saturday! Or for those of you who would prefer to forgo pink-heart madness, overcharging restaurants or a global ignorance of the fact that St Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy, among many other things…then it’s the day of One Billion Rising.

  • One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That is One Billion Women.
  • One in twenty children under eighteen are sexually abused in the UK, ninety per cent by someone they know.
  • Across the world women are Rising for Healthy Relationships and Healthy Love!

There are events in London and across the UK.

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