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We must stand together to call for a commitment to women’s rights in the Brexit negotiations

As the fallout from the EU Referendum intensifies, we at Womankind are sure of one thing: we will stand in solidarity with women’s movements in the UK, in Europe and across the world to ensure that the rights of all women are protected in the UK’s exit of the European Union. We are grateful for the solidarity shown to us by ...

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‘There is no peace without women!’: Gender and the Colombian peace process

One of our goals of our #FaceHerFuture campaign, a coalition of women's and equalities organisations who are working to make sure women's issues are at the heart of the Brexit negotiations, is to make ...

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Working with young people towards a future without hate crime and misogyny

The Diana Award is proud to support the Fawcett Society’s #FaceHerFuture campaign. In these uncertain times it is important for us to come together to stand up against all forms ...

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Tackling the motherhood penalty will unlock women’s skills and talents in Britain’s post-Brexit future

Working Families is pleased to support #FaceHerFuture – it’s vital that, post-Brexit, there is no weakening of women’s rights or of the continued progress towards equality for women. Working Families provides ...

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Fighting for a future free from hate crime for Muslim women

Since Tell MAMA was founded in 2011, it has become clear, through the numbers of people reporting their experiences of anti-Muslim abuse to us, that visible Muslim women are most ...

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Defending the human rights of childbearing women from a turbulent future

In the volatile political, economic and social climate of post-referendum UK, many of us are anxious and uncertain about the future. Women across their reproductive lives face the same challenges ...

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Women and girls at risk must be counted in plans for the UK’s future

  The most vulnerable women and girls face uncertain futures at the best of times. With childhoods marked by trauma, poverty, and insecurity, they grow up to struggle with mental illness, ...

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A better future for migrant and vulnerable women

  Following the Brexit vote, it is crucial to ensure that women’s rights are not diluted, and that we have an inclusive society where all women are treated with dignity and ...

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Facing the future of reproductive rights

As part of our #FaceHerFuture campaign, we're running a series of blogs from our partner organisations to explain their concerns and ideas for furthering women's rights as we prepare to leave the ...

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Helping survivors of domestic abuse to face their future

What does the concept of ‘future’ mean to a woman experiencing domestic abuse? The future can be a scary and dark place when you are living with an unpredictable perpetrator, ...

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