APPG on Sex Equality

APPG on Sex Equality

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Sex Equality provides a vital forum for discussion and joint action by MPs from all parties, women’s political networks and the voluntary sector, helping inform the Government’s policy agenda.

Advancing equality between men and women is an issue that cuts across party political boundaries. In times of austerity, it is especially important that decisions makers – including politicians – consider the impact of their policies on equality between women and men.

Co-chaired by Jess Phillips MP and Jo Churchill MP, the APPG holds three to five meetings a year in Parliament, creating a collaborative forum at the heart of Westminster to drive forward women’s equality and access to power in the UK.

The APPG is currently conducting an inquiry into Britain’s ‘invisible women’.

The APPG’s inquiry into invisible women began in the knowledge that great changes are occurring in contemporary feminism, especially the increasing importance of intersectionality, which need to be both conveyed to policy makers and supported with rigorous evidence. “Invisible Women” – the women who are left outside of the public debate – was developed as a way to balance both of these separate needs.

The APPG will begin this reassessment by looking at education, skills, and employment for women through the lens of race and faith in four different areas:

• The reality of employment
• Transitions between skills and work
• Wellbeing and work
• NEETs and young people

Fawcett and Young Women’s Trust have s far held three APPG meetings:

  • One into data collection and how that should inform the policy towards women and raised important questions for the inquiry going forward. The minutes can be found here.
  • One into wellbeing and work for women, especially regarding mental health. The minutes can be found here.

The Fawcett Society has held the joint secretariat for the APPG for Sex Equality since 2011, in partnership with The Young Women’s Trust bringing together speakers including government ministers, academics and voluntary sector leaders.


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