Fawcett comments on Andrea Leadsom standing down

Andrea Leadsom MP has stood down from the Conservative leadership race, meaning Theresa May MP will now become our Prime Minister.

Commenting on the events, Sam Smethers, CEO of Fawcett, said:

“Andrea Leadsom was strongly criticised for her comments on motherhood and rightly so. But there is something about the way in which women in politics are judged, vilified and threatened that tells us that we are getting it badly wrong.

“They are much more likely to be asked about their home life and scrutinised for what they wear. We highlighted this with our #viewsnotshoes campaign. It is a sign that some of our media still don’t treat them seriously as politicians but rather as imposters on the political scene.

They are also frequently the target of online misogyny and abuse, rape and death threats.  Just when we need more women to put themselves forward as candidates the treatment they experience at the hands of our press and social media will be deterring them. Our politics is much the worse for it.”

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