Call for more women MPs as Suffragette film premieres


We need more female MPs and councillors to represent women’s views fairly, the Fawcett Society says as the film Suffragette, which celebrates the feminist fight for the right to vote, premieres in London.

Fawcett supporters are joining pressure group 50:50 Parliament at the premiere to support its continuing campaign for better gender balance in Parliament.

Although the number of women MPs increased at the last election they still make up just over a quarter (29%) of the total number.  It places the UK 39th in the world rankings for women’s representation in national parliaments.

The number of female councillors in local authorities has remained virtually in the last 10 years: in England women make up 32% of local councillors in England and 27% in Wales.

Chief Executive, Sam Smethers says, “The Fawcett Society is calling for equal representation in parliament. We are joining the 50:50 parliament campaign at the Suffragette premiere in Leicester Square to remember the Suffrage movement and the contribution of Millicent Fawcett and the Suffragettes.

“After more than 60 years’ campaigning, the battle for women’s suffrage was finally won in 1928. But in 2015 the focus is on equal representation nationally and locally. We need to speed up the pace of change so that we don’t wait another 60 years for equality.”

Suffragette film lobbying

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