Fair Play Equal Pay

Feminism in London Conference poster

   Fair Play Equal Pay

  A practical workshop on closing the gender pay gap at the Feminism in London conference

on Sunday 25 October 2015

12.30 – 2 pm

London Hilton Metropole, Paddington, W2 1JU


The Fawcett Society is leading this practical session on questions around equal pay: do we actually know how to close it and who can make it happen?

We will ask two experts for their top three proposals for closing the pay gap and we’ll get you to vote on them.

Then it’s your turn to make suggestions of your own – what should Fawcett be doing? What about the government? And what action can we take as individuals?

Your contributions will feed into Fawcett’s work on equal pay and we’ll be asking you to make your own pledges to close the gender pay gap.

Just come along and get involved.

Find out more about the two day event and how to buy tickets


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