Next withdraws t-shirt after Fawcett protest

The Fawcett Society has welcomed the decision by retailer Next to withdraw a t-shirt from sale following our protest about the slogan it featured on the front. Women’s groups including GirlGuiding UK took to Twitter to support our challenge to the the t-shirt which said ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’.

“It is great that Next has listened to public concern about this misguided slogan,” says Sam Smethers, Fawcett’s Chief Executive. “We expressed concern about the message after women told us they thought it was irresponsible.

“We understand what they were trying to say but girls face too much pressure about their appearance already. It implies that if you are unhappy you are not attractive. That’s not helpful given the number of girls seeking help for mental health problems.

“Thanks to everyone who supported our call and took up this issue on Twitter. It shows the power of concerted action.”

Next tweeted:  “We have decided to remove the item from sale. It was never our intention to upset or cause offence to our customers and we apologise if that has been the case.”

Fawcett is offering to work with Next to help get more positive equality messages across.

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