Will the Election bring more women MPs?

Women are still under-represented in Parliament, and will remain so after the General Election.

That’s no great surprise but how are the numbers going to change as a result of the Election? The Fawcett Society has produced a detailed guide and analysis to predict the prospects of the female candidates in the five main parties.

At present, only 148 female MPs sit in a Parliament which houses 650 representatives, or 22.8%. Whilst we are pleased to anticipate the next election will likely increase the number of female MPs to possibly the 194 mark, Fawcett is concerned that 29.8% of seats is not enough – the easiest fruit may have already been picked.

Gains amongst several parties towards gender parity remain slow, and it is in these parties that most of the future growth towards equality within Parliament will come from.

Our findings indicate that:

  • The number of female Conservative MPs will increase from the current 48 to roughly 56 out of 283.
  • The number of female Labour MPs will also increase from their current 86 to about 115 out of 270.
  • Only one female Lib Dem MP will remain in Parliament with 23 male Lib Dem MPs, with the other five Lib Dem women losing their seats.

Check out the prospects of women candidates in every constituency: General Election 2015 Female Candidates

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