Who Benefits? An independent inquiry into women and Jobseeker's Allowance

As part of Fawcett’s on-going programme of work examining and addressing the impacts of the government’s austerity agenda on women, we are coordinating in conjunction with Oxfam and the Women’s Budget Group an independent inquiry into how recent changes to conditionality for Jobseeker’s Allowance (i.e. the conditions that must be met to qualify for the benefit), and the use and application of the sanctions that are applied when these conditions are not met are impacting on women.
The inquiry will comprise a panel of respected public figures, to be announced shortly, with an array of expertise and interest in the field of public policy and equality who will review evidence from a wide range of independent sources. As a result of this investigation the panel will make a set of findings and, where relevant, recommendations to address how any disproportionate impacts on women could be reformed or ameliorated such so that they no longer undermine equality between women and men.
 View the Inquiry Terms of Reference to the right of this page

Call for Evidence

Evidence from interested parties will be vital to the Inquiry. The Committee wants to hear your views, evidence and experiences. The Committee would like to hear from any interested party, including women who have been affected by the increased conditionality and sanctions regimes, services supporting affected women, research and policy organisations, and other experts and academics working in the area.

See the full Call for Evidence for more information on how to submit your views, evidence and experiences to the Committee  – available to download to the right of this page

Please note the deadline for submitting evidence is now 5pm on Monday 7thof April.


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